Happy new year 2019 🎉 and hello again! I’m giving my blog a reboot after the previous one got deleted by OpenShift 😣. Most of the previous posts are recoverable, I just need some time to recreate it using Markdown.

This time, I’m choosing Hugo over Ghost as the engine. I got to know Hugo when contributing to GopherconSG’s website. The continous deployment using Netlify is very seamless, I just love the simplicity! And this theme called hello-friend is very minimal and well built!

As I’m rebooting, I’ve been thinking of what’s the purpose of this site! It’s my cheatsheet for coding stuffs, so I could find it easily from anywhere. It’s a journal, you might find that I’d write things as if it’s a self conversation 😅. It’s a thoughtbook, adventurebook, recipebook well the list goes on.

And perhaps, I’d be updating you all on what I’m thinking right now. iOSConfSG 2019 is coming soon, I’m excited for this time as we didn’t have it in 2018. For this year’s conference app, I’m rewriting it from scratch without storyboard! How fun is that 🙃. We plan to open source it so, I will write more details on it later.

Here’s wishing everyone blessed days and health through out this year 2019! The year of latter rain 🌧!